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Our most frequently asked questions.

How do I access the platform? You’ll be sent a username and password and link to the platform from Evalu-8 Support Team. Your welcome email contains the URL to the portal, your username and your password. Simply click on the link and enter your username and password into the relevant boxes. Where possible we recommend using Chrome.

Why doesn’t my username and password work? Please ensure that if you paste from your welcome email that there isn’t an extra space at the end of either your username or password.

Why can I now not see my list of employees? There are a few things to check here:

Has another administrator changes the settings?

Have you added a filter in the search bar/search options on the employee list page?

How do I upload employee data? We upload the data on your behalf which you would have sent to use as part of the initial set-up.

How do my employees access the platform? Once you are ready for employees to access the system their welcome email can be sent either from the employee details section or the employee mass edit tool. The welcome email contains their log in information.

How can I tell if my employees are using the platform? There is a report to show who has logged in to the system:

reports/company/user login audit

How do I make sure my employees have the right level of access to the platform? By default, unless otherwise requested all employee will be set to the “user” user group which provides limited access. Once the user groups have been defined to your organisations needs via admin/permissions, each employee is assigned a user group which determines their access rights. A user group can be assigned via the employment details tab or the employee mass edit tool/report.

Why can’t I access some information on Evalu-8? Your level of access to the information you have added to Evalu-8 will depend on what permissions you have. Check in settings what access you have and speak to your manager as to whether this is the current level.

How do I add or edit something in the dropdown menu? Simply go to the settings at admin/settings/settings tab.

What is two factor authentication? It is a security feature where you can create a rule that sends an email with a code to the employee and they have to enter the code in order to be able to log in.

How do I turn off two factor authentication? Please go to the company level settings area. This is located in admin/settings/basic info, where you can turn the switch to on or off.

What is a widget? A widget is one of the tools you can add and use for example “absence management”.

What’s an employee mass edit? This is a report that enables you to make changes to multiple employee’ data from one “spread sheet” style report. This is located in reports/company/employee mass edit.