High hazard businesses

Do you encounter routine hazards through work?

Health and Safety is central to the delivery of your products or services, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, food production or construction.

Operating in either one or multiple sites means that your business needs to carry out more complex and rigorous assessments for health and safety risks. If your business stores bulk hazardous substances, manages large-scale production or logistics, risk assessments are a significant part of your legal obligations, and may require more advanced techniques such as quantified risk assessments.

Regular risk assessments and a robust health and safety management system should be a key priority when your daily operations commonly find employees working at height, in a high-noise environment, exposure to dust or chemicals and operating heavy machinery. Add to that the work that might be carried out across multiple sites that pose different risks.

It’s fundamental that your health and safety performance is of the highest standard and that you’re able to demonstrate this to your current and potential customers.

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  • Medium Risk

    Medium sized businesses or those with greater risks.

  • Low Risk

    My business doesn’t carry out manual work – do I need Health and Safety support?

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high risk

What SafeWorkforce does for your business

Acting as an extension to your business, SafeWorkforce strengthens your health and safety by delivering a subscription that’s tailored specifically to your business.

The SafeWorkforce Business Partner Subscription includes:

  • On-site visits.

  • Annual report with remedial action plan.

  • A dedicated consultant.

  • Health & Safety Policy and Code of Conduct handbook Unlimited support.


Access to a dedicated Health and Safety consultant

With our all-inclusive Business Partner subscription, you’ll get access to a dedicated health and safety consultant. They’ll conduct an initial premises inspection, assess your current health and safety practices and provide a report outlining any shortfalls and the actions needed.

This is repeated annually to help you stay on track with legislation and resolve any further issues. A bespoke code of conduct handbook for employees and sub-contractors will be created and updated to reflect any changes.

Even if you have a Health and Safety manager onboard, they’ll be able to use SafeWorkforce as an additional resource. The ability to access the experience of our experts across multiple industries is invaluable – especially when faced with a new or challenging issue in the workplace.

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Handy tips and help

We can provide you with a host of practical tools and services, including regular webinars on health and safety subjects common to SMEs, and help reporting any accidents or incidents to the HSE.


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