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Your business is well established with key practices in place. Roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined and employees have a good level of motivation and workplace satisfaction.

But trying to attract and retain people, especially when faced with a skills shortage can be an added challenge that you need to manage.

SafeWorkforce can support recruiting and retaining talent and gives you specific guidance on delivering the best HR practices around restructures.

Your needs can be ultra-specific and sometimes complex, exceeding in-house capabilities. SafeWorkforce can help steer your business through a tribunal situation or advise on legal issues such as a settlement agreement.

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It's a people issue

Recruiting and retaining talent takes a lot of effort. While many aspects of HR will be in good order, your policies, job specs and recognition schemes need constant revising.

SafeWorkforce can help you stay on top of all your changing HR requirements.


Getting HR done the right way

Lack of training and attention paid to personal development can impact even a seasoned business – it’s not a tick box exercise. You may have already seen what happens to employee morale when this is not addressed properly.

With the SafeWorkforce team on hand, you can make sure that your HR needs are being met.

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Even the experts need a sounding board

Your business may have reached the milestone of employing a HR manager, but it’s often critical to have a second pair of eyes to look over exceptional cases.

HR can be a complex task to manage, so having expert knowledge to call on can bring great benefits for your business.


What SafeWorkforce can do for your business

Processes provide a framework to create a more smoother path around any complexities or changes. Good HR processes when restructuring will help drive positive adoption.

The SafeWorkforce team can advise on processes such as:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Tribunals
  • Redundancies
  • Restructures

A ‘neutral’ position benefits both the business and employees in reaching a satisfactory result for both parties.

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Let SafeWorkforce Business Partner resolve your challenges

Alcumus SafeWorkforce simplifies complex HR situations that can bring additional challenges to the workplace, distracting you or your internal HR team. Our experts act as an extension of your business, giving you quick access to personalised, professional knowledge and HR advice.

Use us to build your knowledge and confidence to get through any HR challenges that arise.


Classic HR challenges facing businesses

SafeWorkforce acts as an in-house HR department for you or your internal HR specialist to delegate to.

Recruitment, training and retention

We can help with template documents, guidance on process and legal requirements, as well as advising on training and retention plans.

Measuring performance and developing staff

We create frameworks and support on personal development plans, establish objectives and appraisals, and advise on best practice initiatives to reward achievements.

Meeting employment law regulations

With the co-creation of handbooks, contracts, policies and procedures, and job descriptions.

Resolving conflict

We create robust HR procedures for your business.

Another perspective

To advise on specific cases and act as a sounding board for exceptional cases.

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Alcumus SafeWorkforce, a Human Resources advisory service that’s accessible and cost-effective through our all-inclusive renewable packages.

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