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Tackling HR for the small business

You run a successful small business. Things are building nicely, but you have responsibilities that you need to manage.

While it can seem that a simple HR policy will satisfy compliance, it might be a risk you don’t need to manage in the future – if the basics aren’t in place your business could fall short of employment law.

SafeWorkforce helps you handle current HR situations and put everything in place as you grow your business.

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Getting on top of paperwork

With HR comes a vast amount of paperwork that can build very quickly into an unmanageable task. A casual approach to documentation can make your business and employees vulnerable.

Free up your time by outsourcing to someone who understands your business.

  • HR expertise on-demand, get your policies, contracts and handbooks in order and manage more pressing HR topics.

  • Reduce your business costs and fast track your success.

  • Digital tools to aid your daily HR needs.

  • Increase internal knowledge.


Get your HR right

Lack of training and poor team building can still impact a seasoned business. Poorly planned recognition and development initiatives take a toll on employee performance.

Give your employees that important focus without pulling you away from other tasks.

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A true culture

A clear and shared company vision and good HR leads to a strong culture that brings people together at work and actively boosts morale and retention.

A happy employee is your best brand advocate.


Perfect your processes

Well-maintained oiled processes around personal development, training and recognition will help you attract and retain top talent.

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Classic HR challenges facing small businesses

When your small business has a lack of internal HR capabilities, SafeWorkforce acts as your in-house department, putting effective policies in place to help your business stay on-track.

  • Meeting employment law regulations – with the co-creation of handbooks, contracts, policies and procedures, and job descriptions.

  • Recruitment, training and retention – we can help with template documents, guidance on process and legal requirements, as well as advising on training and retention plans.

  • Measuring performance and developing staff – we create frameworks and support on personal development plans, establish objectives and appraisals, and advise on best practice initiatives to reward achievements.

  • Resolving conflict – we create robust HR procedures for your business.


Outsource your HR

A business is only as strong as its people.

You’ve got to find those people, train and develop them, and hang onto them.

How can you support and invest in your employees while meeting all regulations and still have time to focus on your business targets?

You can outsource your HR.

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Let SafeWorkforce Classic resolve your challenges

Alcumus SafeWorkforce is the small business’s answer: an outsourced service provided by experts in every aspect of HR.

On-demand HR expertise accessible at a fraction of the cost of an additional hire, we make sure all your processes and procedures meet best practice to remedy the challenges you face.

Outsourcing your HR means that you get back time to focus on growing your business.

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Alcumus SafeWorkforce, a Human Resources advisory service that’s accessible and cost-effective through our all-inclusive renewable packages.

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