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The start-up period of building your business is exciting, but it can be demanding trying to navigate all the responsibilities – especially when you have limited resources.

HR needs to be placed at the heart of your operations from the start, especially as UK businesses have legal obligations to their employees.

That doesn’t necessarily mean in-house HR skills that cuts into your cashflow, but it does mean having expert HR guidance on making sure the basics are done right so the foundations are in place to create a great culture.

SafeWorkforce helps you control HR costs while supporting your start-up for today and tomorrow.

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Too much to do, not enough know-how

Asking someone with limited HR knowledge or training to take on additional, specialist work could expose your business to unnecessary risk.

It can quickly create more paperwork than your start-up is able or needs to manage. Don’t invite more challenges at such an early stage of growth.

Get the HR basics in place to be compliant with regulations:

  • Implementing your HR framework and policy.

  • Employee contracts.

  • Advice on recruitment.


Doing HR the right way

To get HR right, you need to avoid doing anything that can harm employee performance and morale:

  • Inaccurate hiring
  • Lack of training
  • Poor team building
  • Overlooking recognition
  • No employee development

With the right expertise on hand, you can make sure you manage your HR with confidence.

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Building a true culture

A clear and shared company vision and solid HR will help your business to build to a strong culture.

Your employees feel part of a workplace family, boosting morale and retention. A happy employee is your best brand advocate.


Polish your processes

By implementing better processes across personal development, training and recognition you’ll be more attractive to top talent.

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Achieving best practice

When your start-up has a lack of internal HR capabilities, SafeWorkforce acts as your in-house department, putting effective policies in place so that your business stays on-track.

HR challenges facing start-ups:

  • Recruitment, training and retention – we can help with template documents, guidance on process and legal requirements, as well as advising on training and retention plans.

  • Measuring performance and developing staff – we create frameworks and support on personal development plans, establish objectives and appraisals, and advise on best practice initiatives to reward achievements.

  • Meeting employment law regulations – with the co-creation of handbooks, contracts, policies and procedures, and job descriptions.

  • Resolving conflict – we create robust HR procedures for your business.


Outsource your HR

A business is only as strong as its people.

You’ve got to find those people, train and develop them, and hang onto them.

How can you support and invest in your employees while meeting all the required regulations and still have time to focus on your business goals?

You can outsource your HR.

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Let SafeWorkforce Classic resolve your challenges

Alcumus SafeWorkforce is the start-up’s answer: an outsourced service provided by experts in every area of HR.

On-demand HR expertise accessible at a fraction of the cost of an additional hire, we make sure all your processes and procedures meet best practice to remedy the challenges you face.

Outsourcing your HR means that you get back time to focus on growing your business.

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Alcumus SafeWorkforce, a Human Resources advisory service that’s accessible and cost-effective through our all-inclusive renewable packages.

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