Health & Safety News from July 2018

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Written by: Alcumus
2nd August

Welcome to our monthly roundup of industry news. Our experts have collated their favourite articles from the month of July, covering hot topics, the 'good to know', and great examples of doing health and safety well. 

If you have any suggestions of interesting blogs, let us know by emailing [email protected]

Safety Digitally – a new approach to health and safety improvement, with technology as a driver

An honest personal perspective from John Kersey on how “it’s time to start thinking safety digitally”.  We particularly like John’s position on “Technology has been present but perhaps seen as an enabler; supporting the system more than influencing it. It’s time to think about a new approach with technology as the driver”.  We couldn’t agree more and are proud to be working with a number of clients, who are looking at how they can use their safety data within our Info Exchange software to improve their analytics.

Read: Safety Digitally – a new approach to health and safety improvement, with technology as the drive

HSE announces key objectives for 2019

The HSE has revealed that tackling mental health, the implementation of ISO 45001 and the transparency of H&S performance in major hazard industries will form the backbone of their strategy for the next 12 months. It’s great to see some areas that we are passionate about considered as a priority by the HSE!

Read: HSE business plan targets mental health, ISO 45001 and major hazard industries 

Learning from: behavioural economists

This is one of our favourite articles this month, it gives an overview of how combining psychology and economics can benefit OSH practitioners and how we can use psychology to influence the behaviour of employees, to create a safer working environment.

Read: Learning from: behavioural economists 

ISO 27001 – Who needs it? Why?

‘Think about it. How many people in your organisation store files on their computer desktop or ‘My Documents’? Or on USB sticks in their drawer?’ In this day and age, it is hard to understand what constitutes as data and further, what the new standard, ISO 27001, considers as data.

Our very own expert, Tom Martin Ball, has written a great blog that gives an overview of the standard, outlining what it covers and who should consider becoming certified.

Read: What is ISO 27001? Who needs it? Why? 

Safety differently to business differently

We love this interview from SHP online with Simon Brown, Head of Health and Safety at Luton Airport, regarding his adoption of safety differently. What stands out for us in this article is Simon’s approach of “Ask; Listen; Understand – don’t detect and correct”.

There are some fantastic initiatives happening to improve culture and ownership with their simplified health and safety policy and their approach to look at work as imagined vs work as done.  Take a read to find out more. 

Read: Safety differently to business differently

Come back next month to see another shortlist of our favourite articles!