Outsourcing Health and Safety Consultancy – what’s the benefit?

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Written by: Alcumus
9th May

Are you wondering if it’s time to outsource your Health and Safety? Is it time you need to get your Health and Safety in order, but you don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a cost effective Health and Safety Consultancy? Well look no further, Alcumus PSM are here for all your health and safety outsourcing needs.

Take a look at the fantastic benefits Alcumus PSM can provide your business.

Gain expert advice from Health and Safety consultancy

  • You’ll gain Health and Safety advice from Health and Safety experts.
  • Health and Safety Consultants have experience consulting a wide range of companies.
  • Health and Safety consultants have experience dealing with a range of complex issues.
  • Your business can take advantage of your health and safety consultant broad knowledge and tap into their expertise.

Outsourcing Health and Safety means 24/7 health and safety support

  • We’re here for you 24/7.
  • Majority of Health and Safety managers working hours fall between 9-5.
  • 24/7 advice means you can deal with issues as soon as they’ve happened.
  • Your business can be confident that you can act quickly and efficiently.

Remain confident with your health and safety procedures

  • Health and Safety consultants can complete a full audit of your current health and safety procedures.
  • We can take a look at your current health and safety policies and risk assessments.
  • Your health and safety consultants will get to know your business .
  • We’ll find solutions that will work for your business and employees.
  • Through outsourcing health and safety support you to remain safe, legal and compliant.

Outsourcing Health and Safety consultancy is cost-effective

  • The average salary for a Health and Safety Manager is £46,556*
  • Outsourcing health and safety with Alcumus PSM starts at £1,345.50 per year.
  • Our packages include 24/7 advice from health and safety experts
  • Every Alcumus PSM customer gains a business management software that includes:
    • Risk assessment builder
    • RAMS builder
    • Accident log
    • Along with a HR software to manage your business and employees

*Statistic found on glassdoor.co.uk

Regular health and safety updates

It’s our job to know the latest legislation and policy changes that will affect your business. By choosing to outsource your health and safety with Alcumus PSM, you’ll receive regular health and safety updates that:

  • Outline policy and legislation changes
  • Step-by-step guide on how to implement changes to your business
  • Advice on best practices to improve your business's health and safety procedures

You can get back to running your business

  • Outsourcing your health and safety means you have more time to run your business.
  • Outsourcing a Health and Safety Consultant can help reduce your workload on administrative tasks
  • Your Health and Safety consultant will help make your business more efficient by introducing robust health and safety procedures.

What can your Alcumus PSM health and safety consultant do for you? 

  • Support creating tailored risk assessments
  • Audits of current processes and procedures
  • Support during the tender process
  • Advice through accreditations
  • Drafting health and safety policies
  • Support and advice during a workplace accident
  • 24/7 health and safety advice

Are you ready to get a health and safety consultant?

Speak to a member of the Alcumus PSM today, and they’ll talk you through how outsourcing your health and safety can help you, what support will benefit your business, and find the best support package to suit your business needs and budget.

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