Scotland Apprenticeships- Where Do I Start?

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Written by: SafeWorkforce
11th April

In Scotland, there are 3 types of apprenticeships:

  1. Foundation
  2. Modern
  3. Graduate

The foundation apprenticeship is a work-based learning opportunity aimed at senior-phase secondary school pupils. They last 1 to 2 years and begin in S5 or S6 for pupils and are done alongside other subjects. Modern apprenticeships are more flexible and allow for any one to register and apply of the open apprenticeship spots as they are designed to provide the option of diversifying your current workforce. Whereas Graduate Apprenticeships were developed to meet the needs of industry and create partnerships between employers and universities so that employees can get a degree whilst they work for your business. This type of apprenticeship is fully funded and no financial contribution is required by the employer or apprentice.

Each of these types of apprenticeships work with approved learning providers to deliver the training aspect of an apprenticeship. You can use this tool to find the right approved learning provider to deliver your apprenticeship. By using a Scottish Apprenticeship, your apprentice is able to get qualifications from Level 5 -6 up to a Master’s Degree at Level 11 or a Professional Apprenticeship at Level 12.

For further information on Scottish Apprenticeships, visit:

As an employer, your duties to hire a Scottish apprentice are as follows:

  • Pay them at least NMW in line with any of your other employees
  • Provide them with the same working benefits and conditions as your other employees
  • Work with the learning provider to develop a training approach that outlines when and where training will take place and what it entails.
  • Support, monitor and provide development opportunities to your apprentice.


As with the English Apprenticeships, if you have an annual salary bill of more than £3 million, you will now pay the Levy. If you don’t pay the Levy, the funding to suit that would apply to your business.

You may also be able to apply for the Flexible Workforce Development Fund. Find out here if you are eligible:

However, if you're an employer in Scotland who already has apprenticeship programmes in your organisation, apprenticeship funding will continue to be administered by Skills Development Scotland. This will be done through contracted learning providers and direct employer contracts. For information on funding for each of the three types of apprenticeships visit:

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If you have any queries on hiring an apprentice, please contact the Alcumus HR Consultancy team on 01484 439930 or [email protected].