What are the benefits of Outsourcing HR?

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Written by: Alcumus
9th May

Are you debating if it’s time to outsource your HR? Are you worried that getting a HR consultant will be too expensive? Or are you a growing business looking to improve your HR procedures?

Alcumus PSM are here to help your business with all your HR needs, we have expert HR consultants and an award winning HR software.

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Outsourcing HR provides expert advice

Choosing to outsource your HR, means you gain HR advice from HR experts. HR consultants have experience consulting companies from a broad range of industries, and an understanding of the complex issues that can arise in businesses. Our consultants have seen it all and understand the complexities when you need HR support for sensitive issues. Your HR consultant are there for you if you need to conduct a disciplinary procedure, your company is going through a redundancy or that you need to review your current HR policies and procedures. Whatever the issue, our HR consultants are there to help.

Gain a 24/7 helpline by outsourcing your HR

HR issues don’t always fall between the standard 9-5 office hours, but the majority of HR management roles do work within these hours.  But what happens if you have an issue on a Friday after 5pm that needs to be dealt with before Monday? This is where outsourcing HR can really help, and means you can be confident that your business can act quickly whenever an issue arises. 

Be confident with you processes

The first thing your HR consultant will do after you choose to outsource your HR is to get to know your business. They’ll find out your company’s procedures and policies, along with your views on how everything is working and if there are changes you want to make. Your HR consultant will review your policy and procedures and find solutions that works for your business and employees, along with ensuring you remain legal and compliant.

Outsourcing HR is cost effective

The average HR manager in the UK cost around £36,000 which can be a big cost, especially for growing businesses. The average cost to outsource your HR with Alcumus PSM is £1,345.50 per year but this cost does vary depending on your company size and the level of support you need. Not only can outsourcing HR save you money, but it also means you do not need to compromise on the experience and knowledge your HR representative can offer.

Regular updates

It’s our job to know the latest legislation and policy changes that will affect your business. By choosing to outsource your HR you’ll receive regular HR updates that:

  • Outline policy and legislation changes
  • Step-by step guide on how to implement changes to your business
  • Advice on best practices to improve your business’ HR procedures

You can get back to business

Outsourcing your HR means you have more time to do what you do best, run your business. Outsourcing HR can help reduce your workload on administrative tasks and make your business more efficient by introducing robust HR procedures.

What can our HR consultants do for you?

  • 24/7 advice from HR experts
  • Write your company policy
  • Support with employee contracts
  • Disciplinary support
  • Advice during a redundancy
  • Employment tribunal advice
  • Update your policies when there’s legislation changes
  • And so much more…

What can our HR software solution do for you?

  • Absence and attendance tools
  • Clock-in and clock-out tool
  • Electronic employee personnel file
  • Time and attendance tool
  • Expenses tool
  • KPI and evaluations management
  • Payroll integration
  • And so much more…

We can also take care of your health & safety needs.

Are you ready?

Speak to a member of the PSM team today, they’ll discuss your business needs to find the best solution for your business and budget.

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