The 4 stages to onboarding new employees

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Written by: SafeWorkforce
11th April

How you onboard your newest team members and set them up for success is essential to them being able to deliver meaningful value to your business. We’ve listed the 4 key steps to onboarding new employees in your business.

The 4 Stages of Onboarding new employees

Stage 1: Pre-onboarding your new employee

This stage begins from the point you have sent the offer letter and continues until day 1 of employment Starting a new job can be nerve wracking and new starters can feel overwhelmed with information It is important to maintain good communication and provide key information without overloading your new starter It is important to recognise that they may be busy finishing up work with their previous employer so remain patient if waiting for a response. Provide communication about what is needed for their first day and where to go.

Stage 2: Welcome

This stage begins on the first day of employment Most businesses will have some form of induction day where key information will be communicated It is important to remember that your new starter has zero experience of how your business works. Communicate what a typical day looks like, give them a tour of the building and point out facilities such as toilets and designated eating spots, and communicate information on policies such as what to do if absent, who their direct report is etc.

Stage 3: Training for new employees

This stage begins after the initial induction day(s). This is where the new employee will complete job specific training to move into their role This step is the most important one. Often, this step is overlooked, and new employees are rushed through the process of training However, if employees aren’t equipped with the knowledge to complete their new role, they will make mistakes and be left with a feeling of dissatisfaction which will have an impact on retention It is important to allocate plenty of time for this stage and allow for the fact that people often learn at different paces. Some may take longer than others.

Stage 4: Transition

This stage begins after all relevant training has been completed and begins the transition from a ‘new starter’ to a fully competent employee. During this stage, it is important to check in regularly with the employee to see how they are getting on. New starters are often forgotten about following the initial training period which can result in poor retention It is important to set goals and expectations, so the employee is aware of what is expected of them. Remember to book in regular review catch ups and have an ongoing discussion about their performance.

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